Elegantes und zeitloses Logo der deutschen Luxusduftkerzenmarke CUVÉE CANDLES aus Düsseldorf.
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Katharina, Miriam & Adrian

In 2022 we founded CUVÉE CANDLES out of our love for candles and wine.

from Katharina

Scents that touch you

"Scents awaken memories. Flickering fires and candles calm and fascinate me. What also fascinates me: how do winemakers manage to get aromas of exotic fruit or creamy vanilla into a wine?

I have admired strong brands for years. The desire to create my own brand and develop great products myself remained persistent. Why your own brand? Because I find founding exciting and because I love recommending good things to people. Everyone wants to make their home beautiful and scents play a big role in making you feel good at home. And so it was only natural to combine my passion for luxurious scented candles and wine and to work with French master perfumers to develop scents that touch you."

Hände der beiden CUVÉE CANDLES Gründerinnen und Schwestern Katharina und Miriam, wie sie  jeweils die Schachtel der Sauvignon Blanc Kerze und die Duftkerze in die Luft halten vor grünem Hintergrund.

Always three


CUVÉE CANDLES was founded in January 2022 by Katharina Stebel, Miriam Stebel and Adrian Goly in Düsseldorf. The two sisters Katharina and Miriam started their careers in the luxury beauty industry in various marketing and finance positions. Adrian started as an engineer and project manager in the luxury automotive industry.

The three founders are united by their passion for moments of pleasure and the joy of being together over a glass of wine. The fascination for high-quality candles and the art of winemaking as well as the dream of having their own brand, motivated the team to found CUVÉE CANDLES. With CUVÉE CANDLES, the three founders want to bring together the themes of enjoyment and a positive atmosphere and make everyday moments at home special.

Hände der beiden CUVÉE CANDLES Gründerinnen und Schwestern Katharina und Miriam, wie sie  sich mit einem roten Cabernet Sauvignon und weißen Sauvignon Blanc in einem Zalto-Glas zuprosten.



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