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Fragrance notes: Cassis, Pepper, Cedarwood

Inspired by the renowned red wine Cabernet Sauvignon. This noble fragrance interpretation brings elegance to your home and creates a calming atmosphere.

Travel to the sun-kissed vineyards of Napa Valley in California with our Cabernet Sauvignon scented candle and experience the fruity and full aromas of this popular red wine.

Alle luxuriösen Düfte von CUVÉE CANDLES sind von Weinaromen inspiriert und wurden in intensiver Entwicklungsarbeit mit französischen Meisterparfümeuren in Grasse, Frankreich, hergestellt.

Luxurious scent

Alle CUVÉE CANDLES Duftkerzen sind handgegossen und handgefertigt in unserer nachhaltigen Partnermanufaktur in Europa.


Jede luxuriöse CUVÉE CANDLES Duftkerze brennt sauber, langsam und sicher 55 bis 60 Stunden.

Burning slowly

Die luxuriösen Duftkerzen von CUVÉE CANDLES sind von Weinaromen inspiriert und vegan.


Alle Duftkerzen von CUVÉE CANDLES sind tierversuchsfrei.

No animal testing

Alle CUVÉE CANDLES Luxusduftkerzen sind hergestellt mit einem deutschen, 100% Bio-Baumwolldocht, der perfekt für die Bedürfnisse der hochwertigen, wein-inspirierten Duftkerzen ausgewählt wurde.

Cotton wick

Alle luxuriösen Duftkerzen von CUVÉE CANDLES sind phtalat-frei.

No alcohol

Jede edle Duftkerze von CUVÉE CANDLES ist hergestellt ohne Palmöl.

Without palm oil


Exclusive Cuvée wax blend

Made with vegan waxes: sustainable, GMO-free soy wax and high-quality paraffin from Europe. Featuring a 100% organic cotton wick in a white ceramic container. Packaged in an embossed matte green box with an elegant label made from FSC-certified material. Hand-poured in small batches. All fragrance oils are vegan, comply with Eco-Test standards, intense and long-lasting.

- Approx. 60 hours burn time

- 250g (8.8oz)

- Height: 97mm | 3.8 inches

- Diameter: 80mm | 3.2 inches

- Candle box: 97mm x 97mm x 110mm (3.8 x 3.8 x 4.3 inches)


- When burning your Cuvée Candle scented candle for the first time, let it burn until the entire upper wax layer is liquid. This can take between 3-4 hours and will help the candle burn more evenly next time and avoid "tunneling".

- Regularly trim the wick to approx. 3-5 mm with wick trimmers, this will extend the burning time of the candle and prevent the flame from giving off black smoke.

- Don't let your candle burn all the way to the bottom. The candle is finished burning when about 5-10 mm of wax remains or when the wick frame becomes visible.

- Never leave a burning candle unattended.

- Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets.

- The wicks are not self-extinguishing and must be blown out when there is little wax left at the bottom.

- Always place the candle on a flat, heat-resistant, non-flammable surface, away from fabrics or curtains.

- Do not drink.


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Luxuriöse Cabernet Sauvignon Duftkerze von CUVÉE CANDLES mit den klassischen Weinaromen Cassis, Pfeffer und Zedernholz der kalifornischen Cabernet-Stilistik aus der neuen Welt.


Top note

CASSIS:The scent of cassis infuses your surroundings with elegance, adding depth and complexity to your space. Its deep and captivating aroma awakens the senses and evokes a feeling of sophistication and luxury.

Heart note

PEPPER:The spicy and invigorating aroma of black pepper blends with the subtle warmth of white pepper to ignite a feeling of energy and focus. This fragrant fusion stimulates your senses.

Base note

CEDARWOOD:The woody and earthy scent wraps your surroundings in a calm and inviting atmosphere. It refines the room and conveys an elegant feeling of stability and serenity.


Cabernet Sauvignon Weinkerze


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